Electric Tapping Machine M3-M24 (DMT-24)


Electric Tapping Machine M3-M24 DMT-24


Electric Tapping Machine DMT-24

The Electric Tapping Machine DMT-24 comes with a Tap size 3mm – 24mm. The Rpm speed has a range from 0-300 / 0-110. In addition customers find the work range is between 200mm and 1500mm.

Furthermore it takes voltage of 220V, Single Phase.

It is noteworthy to note that Customers also receive an electric tapping spindle; parallel and slanted tapping arms; table mounting column and electric controlled device.

Furthermore the customer gets to choose 6 tapping adapters. (click here)

In conclusion the customer has the option of an additional piece ie: a 90 degree and various degree tapping device.


Voltage - 220V Single Phase
Electric Motor - 0.4kw
Weight - 35 / 40 kgs

TM800032 Cast Iron Work Cart - able to be moved around and stabilized with legs that lock in

TM800030 Automatic Tap Lubricator System - ensures it that is lubricated

Various Degree Tapping Device - enables you to use any degree up to 90 degree for angled jobs requiring tapping.

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