Entities we work with

Over many trading years Radius Benders Pty Ltd have developed partnerships with a variety of companies. Some of these companies Radius Benders Pty Ltd have acquired over the years ie: The Letterbox Man, Brisbane Powder Coaters, Topline Concrete Tools, Botanic Niche and Funcourt.

Other companies Radius Benders have established partnerships with are suppliers who provide quality products of the same exacting standards as Radius Benders Pty Ltd.

A brief description of these company partnerships is below.


Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL):

is the peak national body that represents the interests of manufacturing technology suppliers and users within the precision engineering and advanced manufacturing sector.

AMTIL is well placed to educate and support businesses and individuals in the manufacturing industry.  Whether you are a manufacturer, importer or distributor, or a general manufacturing technology company, AMTIL has a range of services to help you and your business to connect, be informed and grow. AMTIL's reputation as a leading industry body has helped it to form valuable relationships with both State and Federal Government, allowing it to impact the decisions made about the advanced manufacturing industry.

Botanic Niche

Radius Benders also acquired Botanic Niche a company that handles ergonomic hand tools. Having a bend in the shaft of the shovels or fork allows weight to be distributed more evenly throughout the body thereby reducing muscle strain. This range of products has been praised by Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Occupational Therapists.

Brisbane Powder Coaters

Brisbane Powder Coaters was initially acquired to service The Letterbox Man, however Radius Benders Pty Ltd have extended the services to include individuals or companies outside the Radius Benders brand. Brisbane Powder Coaters oven is 3.5 metres long.

Chiao Sheng Machinery Co. Ltd. (CSM)

Radius Benders Pty Ltd designed and manufactured their own mandrel bending machines until costs became prohibitive in Australia for research and development. In 1982 CSM was founded in Taiwan and promptly became the premium Tube bending manufacturer of Tube and Pipe bending machines. Radius Benders partnered with CSM to become the Australia and New Zealand distributors of the CSM Mandrel Tube and Pipe bending machines.


Funcourt was a line we manufactured as a portable multi-sport net system. We are no longer manufacturing this product line. Please click here for details on this system.

The Letterbox Man

In the early 1990’s Radius Benders Pty Ltd acquired The Letterbox Man and have continued working with this company, developing our own extrusion and designs to establish this product line as a premium product that lasts.

Topline Concrete Tools

Radius Benders designed and developed a range of stand-up concreting tools with a 360 degree capability. Our customers enjoy the benefits of reducing back fatigue and muscle strain accidents as well as saving their knees as kneeboards are no longer required. These ranges of tools are made from stainless steel which prevents rust, pitting and corrosion. Customers also enjoy the fact they are easy to clean with little or no water. All hand held tools e.g. groovers, mag floats and edgers, all come with our exclusive handle which is guaranteed not to crack.


Radius Benders Pty Ltd is the sole distributor in Australia and New Zealand of the TradeMax Tapping Machine range. TradeMax is a trade mark of the Maho Enterprises Co. Ltd, a Taiwan based company that was established in 1988. Via TradeMax, Radius Benders Pty Ltd supplies Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric Tapping Machines as well as hand tapping tools. The customers’ requirements will determine the best fit machine for their needs. Taps range from a minimum of 2mm all the way up to 50mm (not on the same machine).

Griffith Racing Team

Radius Benders are proud to be a Sponsor of the Griffith Racing Team and provides Bending Services to the team. The Griffith Racing Team competes in Formula SAE, a worldwide competition with almost 600 competing universities. Students design, construct and race an internal combustion or electric open wheel race car of up to 710cc/80kW over the course of a year culminating in an annual competition in Melbourne. The competition allows for students to develop their skills in design, management, manufacturing, communication, research and business operations in a real world environment.