TradeMax Tapping Machines

Quality TradeMax Tapping/Drilling Machines (Tapping/Drilling Arms)

Radius Benders is proud to be the Australian distributor of TradeMax tapping/drilling machines (also known as tapping/drilling arms).

TradeMax have specialised in tapping machines for over 20 years. They provide and manufacture a complete range of Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric and hand tapping machines. Note that any one of these machine models can be converted to a drilling arm/machine.

What type of tapping/drilling machine do I need?

There are four types of tapping/drilling machines in the TradeMax range:

Pneumatic Hand Tools

A range of hand held pneumatic (air) operated tools that give the user the versatility of moving it to various locations. Hand tools give great flexibility for hard to reach locations, however they also have the disadvantage of being less steady because of the movement of the hand whilst tapping. Available in three styles: Various-Degree, Chuck or using an Adaptor with Safety Clutch.

Pneumatic Arm Mounted

There are several styles of arms that give the customer various ranges in minimum and maximum reach. A pneumatic spindle is mounted to the arm (the air regulator is included). The advantage of an arm mounted tapping tool, is that the arm can be mounted to a bench or workstation, effectively squaring the tapping spindle perpendicular to the job surface (various-degree devices are available). For factories that want to move this arm around, extra posts for mounting the arm are an option. With pneumatic arm mounted tapping/drilling arms, the tool is straight and steady.

Pneumatic spindles require 10 minutes of standing time for every hour worked (cooling time). In an environment where it is expected that there is continuous non-stop work, a hydraulic or electric tapping machine is recommended.

Hydraulic Arm Mounted

The arm is mounted on a movable cabinet (on wheels) which houses the hydraulic and electrical systems. A hydraulic tapping machine is ideal for locations where it is desirable to move the tapping machine to various locations around the workshop. A hydraulic spindle is mounted to an arm and offers the same advantages of an arm mounted pneumatic tapping machine, except that it is suitable for long continuous work and does not require rest (or cooling time). Some models offer dual speeds and the spindle has better variable adjustment than the pneumatic models. It also has the advantage of being suitable for locations that do not have compressed air available.

Electric Arm Mounted

Electric models are much the same as pneumatic tapping machines, except that they have an electric spindle. For factories that want to move the tapping machine around, extra mounting posts are an option. The electric spindle offers much better variable speed adjustment to pneumatic models. Electric models are suitable for long continuous work and do not require rest (or cooling time). An electric tapping machine is suitable for locations that do not have compressed air available.

What accessories are available for my tapping/drilling machine?

Following are a number of accessories available for purchase to support TradeMax machines:

  • Tap holders (Adaptor with Safety Clutch) which include adjustable torsional safety clutches available in a range of sizes to suit the tap shank dimension;
  • Automatic Reversing Device;
  • Tap Lubricating System;
  • Work Cart;
  • Drill Chuck in both 8H and 13H sizes;
  • Jacobs Mount Adaptors in JT2 and JT6;
  • Magnetic mounts so your machine can be moved to other metallic surfaces;
  • Adaptors for tapping angled work; and
  • Posts for mounting tapping/drilling arms

For customers experiencing challenges in the workshop the TradeMax Tapping/Drilling machines offer a solution.

For example, a customer contacted Radius Benders looking for a solution to a job they were working on. They needed to drill holes in a large job and a conventional drill press was not suitable because it could not reach. A TradeMax tapping arm was just what they needed with a work range from 100~1000mm. This customer purchased the AQ-22-1000 tapping machine with a 13H drill chuck. This was a successful solution with the customer commenting: "Machine is working out well".

Questions a customer needs to think about to determine which model is best suited to their situation

  • What size tap do you want to use?
  • What is the working range you need? (Max/Min reach of the arm)
  • Do you need to move it around your work-site?
  • How much work will the tapping/drilling machine be doing? (Sporadic or continuous work)
  • Do you need a flat surface or a T-nut surface?

Finally, the benefits of a TradeMax Tapping machine include:

  • Eliminates wobbly off-centred tap length;
  • Eliminates physical strain on staff whilst tapping;
  • Increased productivity as they are rapid and time efficient;
  • Increased quality of finished product;
  • Versatile as the tapping arm can be mounted to metalic surfaces via a magnetic mount; and
  • The reach of the arm gives greater flexibility with your job.

TradeMax machines are a wonderful addition to any type of workshop whether it be metalworking, woodworking or working with plastics. You are can visit the TradeMax website or view their quality products on the Radius Benders website.