Used Mandrel Bending Machine 127mm Capacity Fully Automatic (CNC120TSR)

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This CNC120TSR is a 127mm (5″) [on 190 CLR], three axis, CNC fully automatic tube and pipe mandrel bending machine.  It is suitable for a variety of applications in a multitude of industries.

Machine features and specifications are provided below.

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CNC 3-Axis Single-Stack Fully Automatic CNC Tube and Pipe Bender

Used Mandrel Bending Machine 127mm (5″) Capacity


This used mandrel bending machine is a CSM model CNC120TSR. It is a three axis, fully automatic, single stack, CNC mandrel bending machine and is an excellent machine for bending products with single or multiple-bends per product.

Customers will find the CNC120TSR bending machine suitable for many tube and pipe bending applications including handrails, automotive parts, heavy equipment hydraulic lines, gates, exhaust systems etc. Suitable for industries such as automotive, ship building, defense force, aviation, etc.

Furthermore the CNC120TR machine comes with anticipated mandrel retraction, air cooling system and an automatic mandrel lubricator. The pedestal mounted CNC touch screen controller is designed for simple operation, and allows customers to program multiple bend angles in a single tube or pipe.

Finally if there are any further questions about the suitability of this machine for your purpose, the staff at Radius Benders, will be happy to assist you.

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  • PC Windows based 15" touch screen controller (CSM Master3)
  • Right Hand Bending
  • Single Stack Tooling
  • Anticipated mandrel retraction (AMRU)
  • Air cooling unit
  • Automatic mandrel lubrication system
  • "Y & B" axes - AC Servo Motor Drive; "C" axis - Hydraulic
  • "Y" axis alternative Repeat Feeding or Grip End Feeding function
  • Metric and imperial settings
  • Control with 2-way converting function between XYZ coordinates and YBC working datum
  • Parameter control to give interaction between 3-axes (Simultaneous Motion)
  • Independent programmable speeds Y, B and C axes (10x8)
  • Hard Disk - Program Storage: Max. 2,000,000 components with up to 30 bends
  • Printer port (printer not supplied)
  • Compensation of tube spring back and stretch
  • Combine advanced CNC control with driving system, Zero-Point finding procedure is no more necessary while machine start
  • In auto mode, allows temporary or emergency stop, and after then the working cycle can go ahead without interruption
  • 3D graphics simulation of preset bending program
  • Maximum 4 different bending projects (programs) to be operated one by one in auto mode
  • Automatic positioning of Y axis in auto mode to ensure quality of work pieces
  • Booster Device of Pressure Die (Booster)
  • Water Cooling System
  • One-shot Slideway Lubrication to bend arm assembly for helping to reduce maintenance time
  • Foot Pedal Cycle Start-E-Stop
  • Wiper Die Bracket
  • Operator and Maintenance Manuals
  • Tool Box with adjusted Tools
Weight8000 kg
Dimensions800 × 180 × 160 cm
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