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The Funcourt flexible portable court net was suitable for technique improvement in Tennis (ie Ace Tennis or Compact Tennis), Badminton as well as VolleyBall. This is a discontinued line and we have cleared the remainder of our stock.

The Funcourt portable flexible court net systems were ideal for customers that were wanting to improve their tennis technique but didn’t have the space to have a full sized tennis court.

Additionally the nets were smaller and lower than full-sized tennis/badminton nets so children could learn to play Tennis, Volleyball or Badminton without being over-awed by a large court.

Furthermore Schools and Tennis Centres that were short on space found this system ideal as it was easy to assemble and came complete with net, posts, a frame and full instructions. There was no need to dig holes as it had feet that held it upright, therefore it could be used inside or outside.

Finally the Funcourt portable flexible court net systems allowed customers, and their families, to develop naturally and increase their motor skills at their own pace as well as improving technique.

Funcourt is the trade-name of this flexible court net system and was a division of Radius Benders Pty Ltd. All stocks have now been cleared and we are no longer supplying Funcourt product to the market.

Because of the nature of the internet it is virtually impossible to remove Funcourt from business listings and therefore we have referred you to this information page.

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