Trenching Shovel BN18


The Trenching Shovel BN18 is ideal for narrow, clean, deep trenches.

Only comes in Yellow.

The advertised price does not include freight.

Long handled, sided spade for clean deep narrow trenches

Customers find the Trenching Shovel BN18 is designed as a “clean out” trench shovel.

Due to this shovel being powder coated it reduces rust and loss or theft because of the visual colour.

Furthermore the ergonomic design is safer to use and puts less strain on the lower back. This reduces injuries and back aches associated with bending, lifting and rotation. Occupational Therapists are very pleased when our customers use this product.

Also the blade is narrow and long with reinforced sides which allows for very clean narrow and deep trenches. The shaft has a soft grip end allowing for non slip and comfort whilst digging trenches.

In addition the weight of this shovel is only 2.6kg and has blade that is 300mm x 140mm with an overall length of 1470mm. The shaft is 38mm thick allowing for a better grip. A soft grip end also makes gripping more comfortable.

Finally this is an Australian designed, owned and manufactured product that is lighter than conventional hand-tools. You can read more information about Botanic Niche concepts here.