Pneumatic VARIOUS DEGREE Tapping Hand Tool M2-M12 RPM:250 (ATH-12-1)


Pneumatic Various Degree Air Tapping Hand Tool allows you to create a Tap in surfaces that may be in different environments ie boats/trucks

Pneumatic Various degree Air Tapping Hand Tool ATH-12-1

With the Pneumatic Various degree Air Tapping Hand Tool ATH-12-1, buyers can work in areas that a normal tapping machine arm cannot reach.

Furthermore this is a solution for customers who find it useful for fixing items that are in difficult to get to places. For example removing a broken bolt and re-tapping the hole so a new bolt can be used.

Additionally remote offsite items can also be repaired thereby increasing the work range. An example is that tractors, boats, forklifts and trucks can be re-tapped, whereas previously they couldn’t.

In conclusion this tool can be moved wherever there is compressed air. This enables flexibility and efficiency in workflow and increasing production.

This model uses an Adaptor with safety clutch TCS1B which has a diameter of 19mm.

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 31 × 26.2 × 6 cm
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