Pneumatic Tapping Machine Magnetic Base (TLM-300)


Magnetic base for the pneumatic air tapping machines that can be moved around giving greater flexibility to the work site.

Pneumatic Air Tapping Machine Magnetic Base – TLM300

Customers find the Pneumatic Air Tapping Machine Portable Magnetic Base, very handy to use as it allows for further reach around the work material. Therefore there is more flexibility with purchasing this model. Furthermore it can attach to metal machinery or sheets of metal with a suction clamp. There are two weights depending on whether the customer has a machine with a smaller or larger tap.

Another point Buyers will note is that it attaches between the mounting point and the new surface. Those hard to reach areas are now easier to reach.

In conclusion this base can be moved around, giving flexibility and efficiency in workflow, increasing production.

TradeMax Pneumatic Tapping Machines that are suitable for this Portable and Moveable Magnetic Base are:



Holding power - 300kg

Dimensions magnetic base - 150mm longĀ  x 90mm wide x 93mm high

Total weight of base - 10kg


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