Pneumatic Air Tapping Machine M3-M22 RPM:120/300 Work Range:100~1000mm (AQ-22-1000)


Tap size 3mm-22mm. Work Range 100mm-1000mm. RPM 120/300

This machine is available ex-stock including six safety adaptors (collets)

Pneumatic Air Tapping Machine AQ-22-1000

The Pneumatic Air Tapping Machine AQ-22-1000 comes with a Tap size 3mm-22mm. Furthermore Buyers will find the work range from the mounting point for this model is 100mm-1000mm. The rpm speed for this machine is 120/300.

Another feature is that it has two arms; a stretch and slanted arm. As a result this allows for a range of workable reach. In addition it comes standard with a pneumatic tapping spindle and air unit. Purchasers find this model needs to be attached to a flat surface with 10mm screws as it has a table mounting column.

Furthermore customers will find six adapters (collets) included:

  • TCS2B.ISO-M8 (8×6.3) 8mm Tap Size
  • TCS2B.ISO-M10 (10×8) 10mm Tap Size
  • TCS2B.ISO-M12 (9×7.1) 12mm Tap Size
  • TCS2B.ISO-M14 (11.2×9) 14mm Tap Size
  • TCS2B.ISO-M16 (12.5×10) 16mm Tap Size
  • TCS2B.ISO-M20 (14×11.2) 20mm Tap Size

For a full listing of other size tapping adapters (click here)

TradeMax AQ-22-1000
Tap Size
Speed (rpm)
Work Range
Adaptor with Safety Clutch
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 65 × 52 × 21 cm
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