Pneumatic CHUCK Tapping Hand Tool M2-M12 RPM:400 (ATR-12-2)


Pneumatic Torsional Tapping Hand Tool ATR-12-3 is useful for repairing items that are in difficult to get to places. Unlimited work range.

Pneumatic Chuck Tapping Hand Tool ATR-12-2

With the Pneumatic Chuck Air Tapping Hand Tool ATR-12-2, buyers can work in areas that a normal tapping machine arm cannot reach.

Furthermore this is a solution for customers who find it useful for fixing items that are in difficult to get to places. For example removing a broken bolt and re-tapping the hole so a new bolt can be used.

Additionally remote offsite items can also be repaired thereby increasing the work range. An example is that tractors, boats, forklifts and trucks can be re-tapped, whereas previously they couldn’t.

In conclusion this tool can be moved wherever there is compressed air. This enables flexibility and efficiency in workflow and increasing production.


Model - ATR-12-2

Tap - 2mm to 12mm

Rpm Speed - 400

Spindle type - CAP10/B12

Max. Air Consumption (Nm3/min) - 0.4

Air Hose Size - 9.5mm

Weight - 2.5kg

Adaptor with safety clutch - TCS1B

Parts - Wrench

Weight 2.5 kg
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