Dot Peen Marking Machine (PEQD-100)

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Dot peen marking machines use a pneumatically driven marking pin to stamp (or peen) a series of very small, closely spaced dots to form straight or curved lines.

This method of marking is commonly used to mark lettering eg. part numbers, into various metals or plastics.

If you only have a few items you need marked, Radius Benders have a Dot Peen Marking Service.

Permanent dot marking of metal and hard plastic surfaces

The PEQD-100 dot peen marking machine is a planar model, affixed to a bench and allows for the marking of items which can be placed in a working area approximating 150x100mm (6″x4″).

It weighs 50kgs and has a foot print of 47cm long x 50cm wide x 83cm high.  The PEQD-100 works easily with Windows operating systems (Windows XP, 7,and 10 and requires a computer with an Ethernet/LAN connection).

The PEQD-100 is highly precise and stable in its performance. It supports Auto-Cad and Corel-Draw DXF format files.

Download the PDF Brochure (2.3mb)

What is included in the PEQD-100 kit?

  • PEQD-100 Dot Peen Marking Machine
  • Controller Unit
  • Perfect Laser’s Marking Software (for Windows)
  • Spare Marking Needles (2 of)
  • Spare Springs (2 of)
  • Positioning Switches (2 of)

What is dot peen marking?

Dot peen marking is a marking method which provides fast, accurate, permanent, closely spaced small dots (which form characters) whilst exerting minimal force on the surface the dot is penetrating (marking).

The distance of the dot peen head from the material determines how deep the dot is marked into the surface.

Dot Peen marking machines allow customers to physically mark serial numbers, part numbers, VIN numbers, words, sentences and in some cases logos, onto spare parts, asset numbering tags, tooling, gears, tubes, brackets and more.

Industries that use this system of marking are: automotive and petroleum; aeronautics and space; manufacturing and electrical. In particular the automotive industry uses dot peen marking for VIN numbers or spare parts, relay rods and connecting rods, pump bodies, fastening pieces and machine tools and tooling.

Dot peen machines come in three options: planar, rotary or portable.

  • planar models are more suited to flat surfaces where characters, numbers and logos are required
  • rotary models suit flat and rotary surfaces eg. stepper motors
  • portable models are great for large sized unmovable items

A dot peen machine is an ideal asset to your workshop.

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