End-Forming Services

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As a result of having a number of machines for end forming we can swage, expand or create beads on the end of pipe or tube.

We can swage from 80mm down.  We can also expand up to 127mm (5″).  We also bead pipe female or male when hoses are required to be clamped on the end of pipe.



Radius Benders offers an End Forming service for our customers.  Customers have found we have a number of machines that enable us to Swage (reduce), Expand or Bead pipe or tube.

Furthermore for swaging Radius Benders can handle material from 80mm downwards; and for Expansion we can handle material up to 127mm (5”).

Also when it comes to beading we can do male or female beads depending on the end purpose for our clients.

Radius Benders also have the capacity to Crimp material for our customers.

Finally below are some examples of end forming completed by Radius Benders:

  • Vacuum cleaner pipes
  • Heating / cooling pipes
  • Pipes for hydraulic lines
  • Enabling one pipe to fit into another ie expansion poles
  • Handles for tooling
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