Drill Chuck Adaptor with JT6 Jacobs Taper Mount (TC2/JT6)


TradeMax TC2/JT6 is a drill chuck adaptor which requires a drill chuck to turn the tapping machine into an extendable armed drill press for hard to reach places that require drilling.

This makes the TradeMax Tapping machine a versatile piece of equipment in a workshop.

Fit a Drill Chuck 13H to your tapping machine with this Drill Chuck Adaptor TC2/JT6

Do you have holes to drill on a job where you are unable to use a conventional drill press? Turn your TradeMax tapping machine into a drill with an extended reach for those hard to reach spots that requiring drilling.

Mount the Drill Chuck Adaptor TC2/JT6 into the spindle of your TradeMax tapping machine, then add the TradeMax 13H Drill Chuck and your tapping machine is ready to drill 0-13mm (0-1/2″) holes.

This nifty Drill Chuck Adaptor uses the industry standard Jacobs Taper Mount JT6. Therefore if you have a JT6 drill chuck, you can attach your drill chuck to your tapping machine using this adaptor.

The TC2/JT6 adaptor is suitable for tapping machines that use the TCS2B Adaptor with safety clutch.

Customers can contact the staff and Radius Benders for further information.

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