Drill Chuck 0-8mm (8H)


This nifty TradeMax 0-8mm (0-5/16″) Drill Chuck can turn your tapping machine into an extendable armed drill for hard to reach places that require drilling.

This makes your TradeMax tapping machine a versatile piece of equipment for your workshop.

Turn your TradeMax tapping machine into a drill with this 0-8mm Drill Chuck

With this handy drill chuck you can convert your tapping machine into a drill with an extendable arm that will help you reach places that an ordinary drill press cannot reach.

Drill Bit Capacity: 0-8mm (0-5/16″)
Jacobs Taper Mount: JT2

Your TradeMax tapping machines converted to an extendable armed drill makes your tapping machine an ideal addition to your workshop.

When ordering your Drill Chuck, you need to order the TC1/JT2 Drill Chuck Adaptor so that the chuck can be fitted to the tapping machine spindle. In some instances you will require a Reducing Adaptor.  Note the examples below.

Ordering Examples:

AQ-08-950 Tapping Machine (Adaptor Type: TCS1B)
  • 8H – Drill Chuck; and
  • TC1/JT2 – Drill Chuck Adaptor
AQ-22-1000 Tapping Machine (Adaptor Type: TCS2B)
  • 8H – Drill Chuck
  • TC1/JT2 – Drill Chuck Adaptor; and
  • TRE2/1 – Reducing Adaptor (reducing the TCS2B adaptor to the TCS1B adaptor)

Customers requiring assistance can contact the staff at Radius Benders for further information.

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