CNC38TSR Bending Machine 38mm Capacity (Used)

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The CNC38TSR is a 38mm (1-1/2″), three axis, automatic tube and pipe mandrel bending machine.  It is suitable for a variety of applications in a multitude of industries.

This second hand machine has now been SOLD.


A38TSR Tube and Pipe Bender 38mm Capacity (Used)

The CSM CNC38TSR Tube and Pipe Bender is a three axis, fully automatic, single stack, mandrel bending machine and is an excellent machine for bending products with single or multiple-bends per product.

It is especially relevant to note that with its compact design using little floor space, customers will find the CNC38TSR bending machine suitable for many tube and pipe bending applications including handrails, automotive parts, hydraulic lines, gates, etc.

Furthermore the CNC38TR bending machine comes with anticipated mandrel retraction. The pedestal mounted CNC touch screen controller is designed for simple operation, and allows customers to program multiple bend angles in a single tube or pipe.

Finally if there are any further questions about the suitability of this machine for your purpose, the staff at Radius Benders, will be happy to assist you.

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