Ergonomic Hand-Tools

Occupational therapists praise Botanic Niche ergonomic hand-tools

Botanic Niche are the pioneers of the Ergonomic Shaft Concept. The basic function of the Botanic Niche Ergonomic Hand-Tools design is to promote less bending of the back and share the load more evenly throughout the worker’s body.  This results in a significantly improved working posture, which will reduce the injuries associated with bending, lifting and rotation.

This is an image of an Ergonomic Shovel BN01. This is the original shovel designed for shifting, loading and spreading light to heavy material.
Model: BN01

Lower back pain is the most expensive medical condition in all the industrialised countries of the world.  A Botanic Niche ergonomic hand-tool is an investment in a workers’ personal safety. Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists, Ergonomists, Engineers and Workers Compensation Boards all praise the Botanic Niche Ergonomic range of hand tools. Council shires, mines, government departments, industry, builders and Health and Safety organisations all over Australia love using these hand tools. Botanic Niche has also received awards for these products:


  • Your Garden Magazine
  • “Award of Excellence 1994”


  • Standards Australia – Design Mark Award
  • Standards Australia – Australian Design Award
  • Powerhouse Museum Selection Award

Product Features

  • Fully welded Steel or Aluminium construction;
  • Powder coated in a variety of visual colours reduces rust, loss and theft;
  • Environmental friendly – no timber products and fully recyclable;
  • Lighter than conventional handtools;
  • Australian designed, owned and manufactured;
  • Larger 38mm thick shaft allows better grip.

User Benefits

  • Improved working posture;
  • More comfortable grip positioning;
  • Less back, wrist and leg strain;
  • More control of loaded head;
  • Aids in rehabilitation of injured workers;
  • Less chance of occupational/casual injury.