The Mandrel Benders

Radius Benders have been the leaders in both the manufacturing of mandrel benders and mandrel bending services in Australia for over 40 years

CSM logo - the letters are formed from tube which has been bent in a bending machine
CSM Logo

In the early days we used our own Australian manufactured bending machines and as the market expanded we joined forces with CSM (Chiao Sheng Machinery Co. Ltd) in Taiwan and now have six fully automatic CNC 3-Axis bending machines. The mandrel benders in our workshop give us the machine capacity to bend tube from 3~150mm.

Today, not only do we provide bending services to industry, we are also the exclusive agent for CSM machines in Australia and New Zealand.

Special aluminium extrusion with four bends forming the shape of seat frame
Speciality aluminium extrusion bent to form seats.

Unlike some companies that focus on one aspect of bending, Radius Benders assists a diverse range of industries. Some example industries are, aeronautics, building, automotive as well as medical. We have even had inventors coming to us to help realise their proto-types. Occasionally even artsists come in for bending. As you can see the diversity is large.

Purlins for the building industry, giving strength to girders for large spans in buildings, bending rods for concreting purposes, relay rods for the automotive industry, legs for ladders, are just a few of the items Radius Benders has produced.

Radius Benders, using CSM bending machines, do 3D bending. This means on the one piece of tube or pipe different angles can be achieved from the one machine as a result of different axis being utilised.

We can handle tube or pipe whether round or square from 6.35mm (1/4″) to 114.3mm (4-1/2″) outside diameter. We can also bend different metals: steel, aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper, nickel copper and chrome molley.

You can read more about Radius Benders and some of our history on our About Us page.