Hydraulic Tapping Machine M8-M50 (HM-50)


Hydraulic Tapping Machine M8-M50 (HM-50)


Hydraulic Tapping Machine HM-50

Customers can purchase a Hydraulic Tapping Machine HM-50 comes with a Tap size 8mm – 50mm. Furthermore the Rpm speed has a range from 0-360 / 0-60. In addition customers find the work range is between 200mm and 1600mm.

In addition it has a 5HP electric motor, taking voltage of 220/380 V; 50/60 Hz and 3Phase.

It is noteworthy to note that Customers also receive a hydraulic tapping spindle; parallel and slanted tapping arms; table mounting column; electric motor, hydraulic pump, hydraulic box; cast iron cabinet and electric controlled device.

Furthermore the hydraulic pressure is 140kg/cm2, with the whole unit weighing 300/400kg.

In conclusion the customer gets to choose 6 tapping adapters.

Voltage - 220/380 V, 50/60Hz, 3-Phase Electric Motor - 3HP Hydraulic Pressure - 100 kg/cm2 Weight - 300 / 400 kgs
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