Botanic Niche

Botanic Niche

Product Features

  • Fully welded Steel or Aluminium construction.
  • Powder coated in a variety of visual colours reduces rust, loss and theft.
  • Environmental friendly – no timber products and fully recyclable.
  • Lighter than conventional handtools.
  • Australian designed, owned and manufactured.
  • Larger 38mm thick shaft allows better grip.

User Benefits

  • Improved working posture.
  • More comfortable grip positioning.
  • Less back, wrist and leg strain.
  • More control of loaded head.
  • Aids in rehabilitation of injured workers.
  • Less chance of occupational/casual injury.

BN01 Ergonomic Shovel

The original and ultimate contractors shovel designed for shifting, loading and spreading light to heavy materials. Length 980, Blade 255 x 300mm, Weight 2.1kg

BN02 Contractors Shovel

Exclusive shaft Design specifically for backhand trades persons, such as concreters and Asphalt workers. Provides the same postural advantage as the original Ergonomic Shovel with a greater backhand functionality. Excellent general purpose shovel for shifting, loading and spreading light to heavy materials. Length 980mm, Blade 255 x 310mm, Weight 2.1kg

BN03 Round/Point Tip Shovel

General purpose shovel for digging, shifting and loading coarse or compact materials Suitable for hard/dry soil or aggregate. Forward rolled Foot Tread. Length 980mm, Blade 190 x 310mm, Weight

BN04 Spade

General purpose spade for hole digging, turning and cultivating soils and sand. Unique slightly curved blade edge provides better strength and cutting ability. Forward rolled Foot Tread. Length 1000mm, Blade 190 x 300mm, Weight 1.9kg

BN05 Digging Spade

The ultimate short handled digging tool. Features curved and unique designed notched cutting grooves on the blade edge to promote easier cultivation and soil penetration. Forward rolled Foot tread. Length 1000mm, Blade 190 x 300mm, Weight 1.8kg

BN06 Garden Fork

General purpose tempered steel fork suitable for digging and cultivation. Length 1020mm, Blade 190 x 300mm, Weight 2.1kg

BN14 Mulching Fork – Medium

10 fine special purpose coke and mulching fork. ideal for bark and wood chips. Length 1270mm, Blade 400 x 380mm, Weight 3.2kg

BN07 Square Shovel – Long

Suitable for shovelling bulk materials, loading and spreading. Length 1446mm, Blade 225 x 300mm, Weight 2.8kg

BN08 Round/Point Tip Shovel – Long

Suitable for general digging, shifting and loading coarse or compact materials. Excellent for hard earth, clay and aggregate. Forward rolled Foot Tread. Length 1446mm, Blade 290 x 310mm, Weight 2.8kg

BN09 Post Hole Shovel – Long

Square mouth post-blade suitable for digging and clearing deep holes. Designed for general purpose digging, trenching and shovelling tasks requiring a narrow blade. Forward rolled Foot Tread Length 1146mm, Blade 190 x 280mm, Weight 2.6kg

BN10 Aluminium Scoop – Medium

Features aluminium high grade blade and handle shaft. Provides a featherweight and robust large capacity blade for shovelling grain, ash, ice, and other low density materials. A new standard in hygiene as no timber or steel are used. Suitable for sterile and anti-spark environments. Powder coated shaft and riveted poly “D” grip. Length 1270mm, Blade 340 x 390mm, Weight 1.3kg

BN11 Aluminium Scoop – Long

The same lightweight high quality aluminium componentry as the medium scoop except with the postural advantage of added handle length which further promotes a safer working posture. Length 1540mm, Blade 340 x 390mm, Weight 1.3kg

BN12 Flat Trenching Spade – Long

Long flat blade suitable for digging and cleaning trenches. Designed specifically for trench cleaning or where a long narrow blade is required. Rear rolled Foot Tread. Length 1530mm, Blade 350 x 140mm, Weight 2.2kg