Welcome to Radius Benders

Radius Benders are the tube and pipe bending specialists.

Services we provide:-

Tube & Pipe Bending and Rolling

  • Mandrel bending (CNC)
  • Press bending

End Forming (Swaging)

  • Tube reducing and expanding
  • Pipe reducing


  • Bending, rolling, end forming and fabrication of finished product

Bending Tooling

  • Mandrels
  • Wiper dies
  • Mandrel bender tooling made to order
  • Press bender tooling

New and Used Machines

  • CSM tube and Pipe bending machines
  • INECO tube and pipe bending machines
  • Hand tube benders
  • Press bending machines
  • Aluminium and steel Cold saws
  • Used tube and pipe bending machine

Other Products

  • Tapping machines (TradeMax)
  • Quality concrete tools (Top Line)
  • Ergonomic shovels and hand tools (Botanic Niche)
  • Portable soccer and tennis sets (Funcourt)